Blacktown Volleyball Academy

Blacktown Volleyball Academy is an diverse, inclusive and multicultural organisation that is dedicated to promoting and enhacing the sport of volleyball in Australia. We focus on providing opportunities for junior, adult and representative players in the NSW community, and are committed to developing this talent at all levels. By offering comprehensive training and development programs, we are able to encourage members to become greater and more talented inviduals both within the volleyball field and in life. 

Our mission is to deliver fun, innovative and engaging volleyball competitions, trainings and events to provide elite opportunities for players and coaches to reach thier full potential. Our top-tier volleyball programs focus on skill acquisition and improvement whilst striking a unique balance between fun and performance.

BVA is a Volleyball NSW and Just Spike It Volleyball Academy affiliated association that takes pride in havinga diverse, inclusive, and multicultural volleyball community. By valuing and celebrating diversity, BVA is creating an environment where everyone feels welcome and respected, promoting a positive example for society and creating a welcoming community for all. 

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